Nutrition and Weight Loss

Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Over the last 50 years, the rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and dozens of other preventable diseases have skyrocketed. Everyone knows that healthy eating is important for the prevention of these and many other diseases, yet most people would admit they’re probably not making the best choices for their health on a regular basis.

In fact, the CDC estimates that over 400,000 deaths annually can be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise, overtaking smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the US.

At Northstar Chiropractic and Wellness, our customized weight loss programs are perfect for those wanting to look and feel their best, while getting healthier at the same time. Not only are these programs highly effective, but best of all, they do not require you to purchase pre-packaged meals. Instead, we combine highly efficient natural supplements with a nutrition plan based on healthy food choices, which will re-set your metabolism and cause you to burn stored fat. The results people consistently experience are nothing short of amazing, with an average weight loss of 21lbs per month when following our step-by-step system. Whether you’re only wanting to lose those few extra pounds or looking for more dramatic weight loss, we’ll come up with a plan to create the results you want!

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For those who may be dealing with a particular health condition, or if you simply want to learn more about healthy eating, our nutrition consults focus on showing you how to take back control of your health by teaching you simple, yet highly effective ways to make better choices for your health.  Additionally, we frequently hold nutrition workshops and healthy grocery shopping tours designed to equip you with the knowledge and action steps to start making possible changes as soon as the seminar is over.  By making these simple changes, you can often still enjoy the foods you and your family love, while providing your body with the whole food nutrients necessary to support optimal health!

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