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Initial Examination

Filling out our simple paperwork ahead of time saves you time in the office and provides Dr. Gary with all the information he’ll need to get started with your evaluation. If you are unable to fill this out prior to your visit, simply come a few minutes before your appointment time and we’ll take care of everything then. Next, Dr. Gary will meet with you to go over your health history and perform a thorough examination to identify how we can help. If necessary, digital x-rays may be recommended, and are conveniently located on site. If images are taken, Dr. Gary may need time to properly evaluate these studies, and if so, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Treatments and Care Recommendations

Before starting treatments, Dr. Gary will sit down with you and explain his exam findings, how it relates to your symptoms, and how we can help.  By helping you understand why you are experiencing any symptoms you may have, it allows you to take an active role in the recovery process.  Based on your initial exam findings, Dr. Gary will provide a combination of the latest adjustment and rehabilitative procedures to both correct the spinal misalignments, and help stabilize the surrounding connective tissues.

Depending on your exam findings and health goals, Dr. Gary will put together his best recommendations for both care in the office, as well as specific home exercises you can do to help speed the recovery process and stabilize the surrounding muscles and ligaments.  This combination allows us to consistently see phenomenal results quickly, while also creating lasting structural change.

Regular Visits

Subsequent visits are typically brief, as we work hard to make sure that you can get in, get better, and get back to your busy day.

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